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Leading Equity

Mar 27, 2023

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Franklin Willis

Franklin Willis is a trailblazer and catalyst for change in the music education space, as well as a rising leader within the music industry at large. Not only does he lead the way in culturally responsive teaching techniques, but also, in his new post as Community Impact Director at the CMA Foundation, paves the way for students to experience equitable access to opportunities in the music industry beyond the classroom. As a former elementary music instructional coach for Metro Nashville Public Schools, Willis offered invaluable insight into the challenges and solutions that exist in music and arts education. With intentionality and creative vision for the future, Willis continues to challenge the status quo and encourage all facets of the music education sector to think bigger in order to serve students and ensure that the next generation  Additionally, Willis serves as an adjunct professor in the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University. Willis teaches undergraduate music education courses that provide a robust and realistic experience of teaching music in the 21st century.

Show Highlights

  • Teaching Black music to students
  • Strategies for learning about music from students
  • Considering the lyrics and content of hip hop
  • Teaching music in core subjects

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