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Leading Equity

Aug 27, 2018

About Francesca Lopez

Francesca López is Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Practice and Associate Dean of the College of Education at the University of Arizona. She began her career in education as a bilingual (Spanish/English) elementary teacher, and later as an at-risk high school counselor, in El Paso,...

Aug 20, 2018

About Dene Gainey

Dene Gainey is an educator and lifelong learner from Orlando, FL with a bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology and a current doctoral student. Currently with twelve years of teaching experience, Dene functions in various capacities in the...

Aug 13, 2018

About Teresa Dameron

Teri has spent most of her early adult career working with Native families as a youth program coordinator, adult education counselor, substance abuse counselor, college instructor/advisor, TRIO Talent Search Coordinator, and certified elementary teacher. Since 2000, she has honed her skills through...

Aug 6, 2018

About Demetrius Ball

Demetrius Ball is a current AP at Dougherty Valley HS. Demetrius served in the Army before becoming an educator. He met his wife in college as a freshmen at West Point and together they have 4 incredible kids. This year he has become passionate in long distance running.

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  • What his...