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Leading Equity

Feb 6, 2023

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Rose Kirk

Rose Stuckey Kirk is senior vice president and chief corporate social responsibility officer for Verizon.Rose is responsible for Verizon’s Corporate Social Responsibility investment strategy and programmatic buildout. As a senior leader in the marketing organization, she oversees the strategic direction for all of Verizon’s social impact marketing activity. Rose’s background as a senior leader in various P&L functions has primed her to advance the social innovation work of Verizon.

Show Highlights

  • Verizon Innovative Schools
  • Eligibility and how to get more information to join the program
  • Curriculum and lessons

Connect with Rose

Verizon Innovative Learning is the company’s award-winning education initiative focused on addressing barriers to digital inclusion.

The Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program, in partnership with nonprofit Digital Promise, equips students and teachers at select Title I schools across the country with free technology devices, internet access, innovative STEM learning programs and professional development. To learn more and to apply to Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program, visit

Leveraging its decade of experience working to help close the digital divide, Verizon is now scaling its education resources, including next-gen learning tools, digitally to reach all K-12 educators nationwide with Verizon Innovative Learning HQ: A free education portal, available at

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