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Leading Equity

Jul 13, 2022

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About Dr. Shontoria Walker

Dr. Shontoria Walker is a graduate from the University of Houston in Houston, Texas with a degree in Professional Leadership with an emphasis in Literacy. Her research focuses on using culturally relevant pedagogy to influence literacy achievement for Middle School Black Male Students based on her experiences as a former 8th grade English teacher at an all-boys preparatory academy. She has also served on the Texas Teacher Advisory Board, a Teach Plus Policy Fellow as well as a Senior Policy Fellow with Teach Plus Texas from 2014-2019. During her time and beyond she has advocated for educational policy laws that directly impacted the classroom as well as contributed to policy briefings for the revision of The Every Student Succeeds Act and national policy reports such as If You Listen, We Will Stay: Why Teachers of Color Leave and How To Disrupt Teacher Turnover. She is the co-author of Culture to the Max! Culturally Responsive Teaching and Practice along with David McDonald, M.ED., Danielle Ross, M.ED., and Andre Ross, M.ED.

About Andre Ross

A native of Gary, Indiana, Andre received a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Management from New York University. His experiences there compelled him to pursue a career in education to help diminish the ways in which identity markers impact educational and career trajectories. Andre served as an 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher at The Dr. Billy Earl Dade Middle School in South Dallas. Following his first year as an educator, Andre was recognized as “Teacher of the Year.” In addition, Andre has increased his students’ academic growth by double digit gains during each year that he served. In June 2018, Andre accepted a role with Teach For America where he serves as Manager, Teacher Leadership Development. Andre is a Co-founder and Partner with the Education PowerED family.

Show Highlights

  • Classroom Management
  • Shifting to Culture Management
  • Setting up your classroom
  • The Culture Potluck
  • Allowing students to be their authentic self

Connect with Shontoria and Andre

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Shontoria’s LinkedIn

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