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Leading Equity

Jul 19, 2021

About Michael Essien, M.Ed.

Michael Essien is an educational leader committed to equity. He is the founder of the Essien Education Group and is a certified Education Specialist in the State of California with 3 decades of experience. Michael became known for creating "Push-In Services", a successful strategy known to reduce suspension rates for Black and Brown students in multiple school districts. Currently, Michael provides workshops on Anti-Racist Discipline, Push-In Services, Project Based Leanring, and the Community School Strategy.

Show Highlights

  • Antiracist discipline
  • Ways we perpetuate stereotypes
  • Sage on the stage teaching
  • Helping teachers understand cultural norms
  • Additional strategies for antiracist discipline                                        

Connect with Michael



Twitter: @MichaelCEssien

Facebook: Essien Education Group

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