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Leading Equity

Jun 14, 2021

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About Joshua Bornstein, Ph.D.

Josh Bornstein is presently Assistant Professor and Director of the Educational Leadership at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Dr. Bornstein has served as teacher, union leader, principal, staff developer, and school board member.  He has worked in urban, rural, and suburban communities in Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. His research centers on inclusive educational leadership that eliminates race, class, gender, disability, and first language as predictors of student success. Since May 2020, Josh has hosted a weekly mutual support network of social justice leaders to meet the twin cataclysms of racial injustice and pandemic More info, including registration, resources, and archived video of past sessions available at  Dr. Bornstein can be reached directly at


Show Highlights

  • Ableism and Institutional Racism
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports
  • Responsibilities for educators
  • Disproportionality
  • Does Implicit Bias play a factor?                                           

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