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Leading Equity

Feb 15, 2021

About Tiwana Merritt

Tiwana Merritt is an international educator currently working in South Africa. She has taught most recently in southern China for 3 years and began her teaching career in Australia. Tiwana has specialized in outdoor and experiential education throughout most of her teaching career. She graduated from Southern Oregon University with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science then completed a Graduate Diploma of Education at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia and has a Masters in Educational Leadership through Monash University. As a member of the Teaching and Learning coaching team and the Service Learning Coordinator, Tiwana is responsible for the development and implementation of AISJ’s service learning standards. Recently, equity, social justice and power have become a focus in delivering service learning throughout the school. 

She can be reached at:

Show Highlights

  • Service Learning
  • Teaching students about privilege with Service Learning
  • Communicating with the local community
  • Lessons learned as a cultural outsider
  • Nelson Mandela

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