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Leading Equity

Jul 20, 2020

About Barbara (BK) Kennedy, Ed.D.

Dr. Barbara Kennedy ("BK"), co-author of the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, 3rd Edition (2018), is the founder of GlobaLingo Education Consulting, LLC. A multilingual educator and advocate for equity for over thirty years, BK has served as a teacher of world languages and bilingual education, district administrator, national consultant, and state director. Fluent in English, German, and Spanish, BK has conducted research on the bilingual teacher shortage in US K-12 schools. She devotes her everyday energies to supporting dual language educators in equity-focused program design, redesign, and evaluation, as well as through professional development.

Show Highlights

  • Utilizing world language
  • Emerging Bilingual and Multilingual Education
  • Discovering languages
  • Linguistic Equity
  • Certification challenges
  • Some strategies for recruiting multilingual teachers
  • Compensation for multilingual educators

Connect with BK

Connect with me on Instagram: @sheldoneakins