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Leading Equity

Jan 21, 2019

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About Shawn Hurt

Mr. Shawn Hurt is the Principal of Inkster Preparatory Academy.  Inkster is a KDG-5TH grade school located in Inkster, Michigan. As a principal, Mr. Hurt has a laser focus on student achievement and transforming school culture. 

Shawn has worked as a Principal at Edgewood Elementary School.  Edgewood was a priority school and, according to the State of Michigan, his student academic growth went from 5% to 21% in his first year as principal.  Edgewood’s academic growth for the year, under Shawn’s leadership, was the highest in Muskegon County.  The 3rd graders at Edgewood had the highest MEAP scores in math and reading, in comparison to all of the schools located in the Muskegon area, with the exception of one local suburban school.   Shawn has had an average Scantron score of 1.4 years growth in reading and 1.6 years growth in math over the past three years as a Turnaround Principal.

Shawn has been a Principal since 2010, and has educated over 4,200 students during his career.  He is currently working on a Data Analysis Model that will help schools increase the average growth in math and reading by 2.0 years, based on the Scantron Testing which is currently used by many school districts.

Shawn Hurt has served in education for over 15 years.  Mr. Hurt earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Saint Mary’s College, Master’s of Arts Degree from Marygrove College, and Educational Specialist Certification form Western Michigan University.   Mr. Hurt has spoken at many national conferences over the years with a strong focus on school turnaround and increasing student achievement in inner city schools. 

Show Highlights

  • The Turnaround Specialist
  • A three-year transformation process
  • How to Transform Your Inner-City School and Raise Student Achievement
  • What does the data tell you?
  • Finding a mentor
  • Developing your leadership team
  • Not letting negative people get in your way
  • Making sure your personal life is under control
  • Handling resistance to change
  • The importance of having a supportive family

Connect with Shawn

LinkedIn: Shawn Hurt

Twitter: @Educator_Hurt

Additional Resources

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