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Leading Equity

Nov 29, 2021

About Naima Duncan, Ed.D.

Dr. Naima Duncan is an Assistant Principal in Camden City, New Jersey. For over 25 years, she has provided mentorship to new teachers and professional development training throughout the United States and abroad. Her philosophy is rooted in providing quality instruction, rigor and high expectations to all students, no matter the background or challenges they may face. Dr. Duncan’s research entitled, "Kindergarten Readiness Expectations and Challenging Behaviors in Preschool Children: Is There a Connection?" examined state and federal policies that require preschool programs to meet new academic expectations and how they affect the primacy of social-emotional skill development in preschool classrooms.

Show Highlights

  • School readiness
  • School readiness during the Pandemic
  • The link between school readiness and behavior
  • Barriers to school readiness
  • Strategies to support students and families

Connect with Naima

LinkedIn: @naimaduncan

Twitter: @NaimaDuncan

Instagram: @NaimaLDuncan

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