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Leading Equity

Jun 22, 2020

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About Joe Truss

Joe Truss is committed to dismantling white supremacy culture in schools. He brings 15 years of experience, and originally grew up in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. A first generation college student, he graduated from UC Berkeley, before attending Tufts University where he got his teaching credential. He began as a high school Spanish teacher in East Oakland. After attending UC Berkeley's PLI program, he started school leadership work and now has been the Principal of Visitacion Valley Middle School in SFUSD, for 5 years. There, he has worked to grow Project Based Learning, restorative practices, and reading intervention. In 2018, he started his blog, where he writes about school leadership and racial equity work. He also offers workshops and leadership coaching. 

Show Highlights

  • Who is Joe Truss?
  • What’s on Joe’s mind these days?
  • Racism in America
  • Digging into our ancestors
  • White Supremacy culture and ways to dismantle it

Connect with Joe

Twitter: @trussleadership


Connect with me on Instagram: @sheldoneakins

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