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Leading Equity

Aug 12, 2019

About Sheldon L. Eakins, Ph.D.

Sheldon L. Eakins, Ph.D. is the Director of the Leading Equity Center and host of the Leading Equity Podcast. With over 11 years in education, he has served as a teacher, principal, and Director of Special Education.

Dr. Eakins has a passion for helping educators accomplish equitable practices in their schools. He has earned a B.S. degree in Social Science Education, a M.S. degree in Educational Leadership, and a Ph.D. in K-12 Education.

Show Highlights

  • Who is Sheldon Eakins?
  • The origin of the Leading Equity Podcast
  • Eakins’ inspirations
  • The show’s greatest challenges and milestones
  • What makes Leading Equity unique
  • The future of Leading Equity
  • Another side of Dr. Eakins
  • Final word of advice

Connect with Sheldon

Twitter: @sheldoneakins




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