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Leading Equity

Sep 10, 2018

About Jeanne Dyches, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeanne Dyches is an assistant professor of secondary literacy education at Iowa State University where she researches the intersections between social justice and literacy ideologies and practices. Her scholarship investigates teachers and students’ critical engagements with canonical disciplinary texts. Her recent and forthcoming work has been published in journals such as Harvard Educational Review, Journal of Teacher Education, Journal of Literacy Research, Urban Review, Changing English, ALAN Review, and Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. Her experiences as a high school English teacher and literacy coach in Raleigh, NC inspire her scholarship.

About Ashley Boyd, Ph.D.

Ashley S. Boyd is Assistant Professor of English Education at Washington State University. A former secondary English language arts teacher, Ashley’s current scholarship examines practicing teachers’ critical content knowledge; explores how young adult literature is an avenue for cultivating students’ critical literacies; and investigates the implementation of state-mandated tribal curriculum in secondary schools in Washington. Her recently published book with Teachers College Press, Social Justice Literacies in the English Classroom:  Teaching Practice in Action, analyzes case studies of practicing English teachers to identify specific pedagogic approaches for advancing equity both inside and outside of the classroom.

Show Highlights

  • Unpacking the Shulman Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) framework
  • How a teacher’s political beliefs are related to instruction and content knowledge
  • In response to PCK, the Social Justice Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (SJPACK) theory was created.
  • How teachers can be empowered to be social justice advocates in their classrooms
  • The three domains of SJPACK

Connect with Jeanne and Ashley

Foregrounding Equity in Teacher Education: Toward a Model of Social Justice Pedagogical and Content Knowledge

Ashley’s latest book: “Social Justice Literacies in the English Classroom: Teaching Practice in Action”

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