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Leading Equity

Jul 25, 2019

About Amy Samuels, Ed.D.

Amy Samuels is an assistant professor at the University of Montevallo in Alabama where she teaches in the Instructional Leadership and Teacher Leadership programs. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education Social Studies, with a minor in Black Studies, from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Later, she earned both her master’s and doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida where she specialized in curriculum policy and development, Critical Race Theory, and practices for fostering equitable schools. Regarding research, Dr. Samuels’ professional publications in journals and book chapters align with the topics of educational justice, culturally responsive pedagogy, and race and racism. She has delivered multiple presentations at national and international conferences such as the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME), American Educational Researchers’ Association (AERA), and National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) on topics related to racially just schools, culturally responsive teaching, and strategies for creating inclusive classrooms. Her recent work includes Champions of Equity: Fostering Civic Education to Challenge Silence, Racial Inequity, and Injustice (Multicultural Perspectives, 2019), The Revolution Will be Live: Examining Educational (In)Justice through the Lens of Black Lives Matter (Journal of Educational Controversy, 2018), and Exploring Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Teachers’ Perspectives of Fostering Equitable and Inclusive Classrooms (The SRATE Journal, 2018). She can be contacted at

Show Highlights

  • Cultural disconnects between teachers and students
  • Creating better cultural connections between teachers and students of color
  • Fostering an equitable and inclusive classroom
  • Tool 1: Knowledge of self
  • Tool 2: Know your students
  • Tool 3: Integrate student’s cultures and communities into the instruction
  • Tool 4: Promote disruptive discourse

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Exploring Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Teachers' Perspectives on Fostering Equitable and Inclusive Classrooms

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