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Leading Equity

May 20, 2019

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About Raquel Rios, Ph.D.

Raquel Ríos, PhD is an educator, learning designer and author of the books, Teacher Agency for Equity: A Framework for Conscientious Engagement and Mindful Practice for Social Justice: A Guide for Educators and Professional Learning Communities. She started her career as a Spanish teacher and has worked nationally in the US and Puerto Rico and internationally in Spain and the United Arab Emirates. She has a PhD in Educational Leadership, an MS in Elementary Education and a BS in Secondary Foreign Language Education. Dr. Ríos writes and consults on topics related to education and her philosophy of conscientious engagement.

Show Highlights

  • How mindfulness and social justice relate
  • The three domains of Peak Experience
  • Developing mindfulness and interest in social justice

Connect with Raquel

Twitter: @RaquelRiosPhD

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