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Leading Equity

Oct 2, 2023

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Rachael Mahmood, Ed.D.

Dr. Rachael Mahmood is a teacher in a large school district outside of Chicago. In addition to teaching, she started Equity Teacher Leader, an educational equity consulting company where she works to design professional development for school districts and write curricula for organizations. Dr. Mahmood shares ideas, lessons, and frameworks for culturally responsive teaching on educational blogs, her YouTube channel, and on Tik Tok and Twitter. In 2020, she was featured in the Chicago Tribune: Naperville Sun newspaper, and recognized as a semi-finalist for the Teaching Tolerance Award for Teaching Excellence.

Show Highlights

  • Cultural differences and classroom behavior
  • Nondominant cultural behaviors that may be seen as problematic
  • Creating inclusive classroom environments
  • The need for empathy and understanding when addressing behavior
  • Defining culture beyond surface-level observations
  • Assuming positive intentions and building relationships

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Equity Teacher Leader YouTube Channel

Equity Teacher Leader TikTok

Dr. Rachael Mahmood's Twitter

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