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Leading Equity

Mar 13, 2023

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Anashay Wright

My name is Anashay Wright and I'm a Disruptor 4 Good! I'm a consultant, mother, and writer currently residing in Georgia- Decatur, Where It's Greater.

As the CEO of Disruptive Partners Consulting and Disruptive Partners, I have spent over 20 years dedicated to disrupting institutional and systemic inequities and empowering students, families in my community.

I am a speaker, lyricist, coach, and educator who believes in the power of bold, radical, and disruptive love. Writing is a huge part of my life, and I enjoy exploring topics like Black families, education, AI-powered tools & funding for Black startups.

Show Highlights

·        The introduction of Artificial Intelligence

·        Using AI for an intervention program

·        Benefits of using AI

·        Otter.AI

·        Additional resources

·        Rap verse

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ChatGPT As An Ally: How a Black Mother & Educator Used AI-Tools To Empower Students

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