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Leading Equity

Feb 27, 2023

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Dr. Dionne McLaughlin

Dionne V. McLaughlin: Executive Director of Critical Reflections on Racial Equity Inc. (CRREI) and an Associate Professor at North Carolina Central University. She is a British-born Black Jamaican American educator who is an experienced bilingual principal. Recent publications: Book: Personalized Principal Leadership Practices: Eight Strategies for Leading Equitable, High Achieving Schools, Book Insights: How Expert Principals Make Difficult Decisions.    

Dr. McLaughlin has led workshops on culturally responsive teaching, leading equitable schools and making effective leadership decisions for teachers, principals/assistant principals. Presentations: MDA Conference, Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP) Fall Professionals Conference, ASCD, NASSP, Illinois Principals Association Conference and NAESP.  

Show Highlights

  • 8 Equity Strategies 

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