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Leading Equity

Dec 19, 2022

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Stephanie Renee Toliver, Ph.D.

S.R. Toliver is an assistant professor of Literacy and Secondary Humanities at the University of Colorado, Boulder whose scholarship centers the freedom dreams of Black youth and honors the historical legacy that Black imaginations have had and will have on activism and social change. She is the author of Recovering Black Storytelling in Qualitative Research: Endarkened Storywork, and her academic work has been published in several journals, including Journal of Literacy Research andResearch in the Teaching of English.

Show Highlights

  • Defining Nerds
  • Nerdy vs. Dorky
  • Nerdy Black girls exist
  • Relationship building strategies

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Book: Recovering Black Storytelling in Qualitative Research: Endarkened Storywork


Weird Is Normal”: A Womanist Discourse Analysis of Black Girl Nerds’ Community Building

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