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Leading Equity

Dec 5, 2022

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Dwight Carter

Dwight Carter is an award-winning education leader from Central OH and the Director of Student Support Systems for the Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical School District.

He is the co-author of What’s In Your Space? Five Steps to Better School and Classroom Design (Corwin, 2016), Leading Schools in Disruptive Times: How to Survive Hyper-change (Corwin 2017/2021); and a contributing author to Because of a Teacher: Stories of the Past to Inspire the Future of Education written and curated by George Couros. His first solo book, Be GREAT: Five Principles to Improve School Culture from the Inside Out, was published recently (IMPress, 2022).

Jack Slavinksi

Jack is founder/owner of a leadership development consulting business, with focus on transforming culture, developing leaders at all levels and comprehensive well-being/resiliency training.  

He has been an adjunct professor (sr. lecturer) at The Ohio State University for 11 years at the undergraduate and graduate levels, teaching four leadership, team and change oriented courses year-round.  Jacks consulting business has a highly diverse client base-K-12 education (from BoE to students), higher education, business, athletics, ministry, and law enforcement.

Jack has a corporate background in executive leadership, having worked at firms such as GE – Technology Consulting, TIAA, Citi and Xerox in many global, transformational roles.

Jack believes that each of us has enormous potential to intentionally develop and change, with his purpose being to equip and enable each of us to “create the best future version of ourselves, our teams and organizations”.  He believes in the power of mindset management, positivity and motivation.

He lives with family in S. Delaware, with hobbies in fitness training, outdoor work, organizational behavior research and college football.

Show Highlights

  • Defining leadership
  • Basic leadership skills
  • Leadership Framework

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