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Leading Equity

Sep 26, 2022

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Kelly J. Cross, Ph.D.

Dr. Kelly Cross, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Nevada Reno, is a data-informed, transformational mission-focused culturally responsive practitioner, researcher, and educational leader. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in 2007 and Masters of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 2011. Cross completed her doctoral program in the Engineering Education department at Virginia Tech in 2015 and worked as a post-doctoral researcher with the Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Dr. Cross worked in the Department of Bioengineering working to redesign the curriculum through the NSF funded Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (RED) grant. She is a member of the ASEE Leadership Virtual Community of Practice (LVCP) that organizes and facilitates Safe Zone Training workshops. Dr. Cross has conducted workshops on managing personal bias in STEM, online and in-person, in addition to faculty training on power and privilege. Her research interests include diversity and inclusion in STEM, intersectionality, teamwork and communication skills, assessment, and identity construction. Her teaching philosophy focuses on student centered approaches such as problem-based learning and culturally relevant pedagogy. Dr. Cross’ complimentary professional activities promote inclusive excellence through collaboration. She is an NSF CAREER awardee, delivered multiple distinguished lectures, and has received a national mentoring award.

Show Highlights

  • DEI support for queer individuals in STEM
  • Engineering Education and the Queer Community
  • Faculty and staff support

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Cross, K.J., Farrell, S. & Hughes, B. (Ed.). (2022). Queering STEM Culture in US Higher Education: Navigating Experiences of Exclusion in the Academy, published by Routledge an imprint of Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. eBook: 978-1-003-16925-3

Cross, K.J., Gaskins, W.B., & Coley, B.C (2022) We Cannot Address What We Do Not Acknowledge: An Autoethnography in 2020. Special Issue titled "All #BlackLivesMatter" by Understanding & Dismantling Privilege (UDP), (ISSN 2152-1875), Volume XII, Issue 1.

Duckworth, M & Cross, K.J. (2022). Antiracist Holistic Change in “STEM” Higher Education. In Ruth, B.J., Blithe, S. & Bauer, J. Badass Feminist Politics, published by Rutgers University Press.

Jensen, K. & Cross, K. (2021). Engineering Stress Culture: Relationships between Mental Health, Engineering Identity, and Sense of Inclusion. Journal of Engineering Education.

*Cross, K.J. (2020), Racism is the manifestation of White supremacy and antiracism is the answer. J Eng Educ. doi:10.1002/jee.20362 (Top downloaded JEE article) 

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