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Leading Equity

Sep 12, 2022

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About Nelson Flores, Ph.D.

Nelson Flores studies the intersection of language and race in education. This includes tracing the racist roots of contemporary language educational research, policy, and practice, documenting the ways that they continue to harm racialized bilingual students, and conceptualizing anti-racist alternatives. His work has been featured by NPR, Education Week, and the LA Times.

Show Highlights

  • Early European linguistics
  • Assimilation in language
  • Bilingual Education Act
  • Verbal Deprivation Theory
  • The legacy of the Bilingual Education Act
  • Can a child be semilingual?

Connect with Nelson


Twitter: @nelsonlflores

"False positives,' "reentry programs," and "long term English learners": Undoing dichotomous frames in US language education policy"

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