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Leading Equity

Jul 18, 2022

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About Winston Daley

Winston Daley was born in Jamaica and emigrated to Boston at 10 years old. In 2016, Winston decided to leave his career in finance to work with youth. Sports was his first connection point to the US and so that is where he pivoted: coaching, creating leagues for kids, working in schools, and becoming a Lead Facilitator at the Center for Sport in Society, doing workshops on relationship violence, racism and social justice. Winston has also worked in the nonprofit space on youth employment, environmental justice and community empowerment. 

Winston stepped into the startup world with Agogos after seeing his daughter’s school administrators’ struggle to find educators of color and watching the passive hiring practices of school districts. He believed he could create a solution to make hiring easier. Agogos’ goal is to create a hiring platform and community of practice dedicated to the recruitment, development, education and support of educators of color.

Show Highlights

  • A LinkedIn for Black and Brown educators
  • Job posting options for schools
  • Teacher job search options

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