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Leading Equity

Jan 10, 2022

About Bro. Henry McDavid

Henry McDavid, is the co-founder of KIKIFER’S Entrepreneurial Academy, the largest national entrepreneurial academy producing 6 figure earning students K-12. Henry is a well known author, professional speaker, and business coach and serial entrepreneur.

Henry's entrepreneurial spirit started young. While in high school Henry started a youth organization at Dekalb High School which garnered national attention bring him into the spotlight for his unique ability to take young black high school students with D’s and F’s and turn them into A's by establishing a passion for reading books.

Based in Chicago, Henry's goal is to provide an opportunity for future generations to be financially stable early, so that they can enjoy what financial freedom truly brings to life. Entrepreneurship fosters and thrives off of innovation. Innovation impacts not one person but all of humanity.

Show Highlights

  • Kikifers Academy
  • Entrepreneurship as a student
  • Teaching kids about business strategies
  • Mentoring students
  • Stories of successful entrepreneurship
  • Teaching financial literacy

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