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Leading Equity

Jul 12, 2021

About Leena Bakshi, Ed.D.

Dr. Leena Bakshi is the founder of STEM4Real, a nonprofit professional learning organization committed to combining STEM and NGSS standards-based content learning and leadership with principles of equity and social justice. She also serves as the Board Secretary for the California Association of Science Educators. Leena currently works with pre-service teachers at UC Berkeley and Claremont Graduate University teaching STEM methods and Universal Design for Learning. She is a former county and state level administrator and mathematics, science and health teacher. Her research interests include Science/STEM education and how we can create access and opportunities for each and every student regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or socioeconomic status.

Show Highlights

  • Real Life Science
  • Going beyond the textbook
  • Equity in state standards
  • Standards, Hook, and Society (SHS Method)
  • Antiracist Science teachers
  • Culturally Responsive Classrooms                                     

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