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Leading Equity

Jun 28, 2021

About Byron McClure, D.Ed.

Dr. Byron McClure is a National Certified School Psychologist currently redesigning a high school in Southeast, D.C. His work centers around influencing systemic change and ensuring students from high-poverty communities has access to a quality education. Dr. McClure has extensive knowledge and expertise in mental health, social emotional learning, and behavior.

Dr. McClure has done considerable work advocating for fair and equitable discipline practices for all students, particularly, for African-American boys. He has designed and implemented school-wide initiatives such as SEL, restorative practices, MTSS, and trauma responsive practices. As a result of this work, led by Dr. McClure, his school recently won the 2019-2020 Whole Child Award.

Dr. McClure has presented across the country as a panelist, featured, and keynote speaker. He believes in maximizing everyone’s limitless potential.

Show Highlights

  • Culturally Affirming Social-Emotional Learning
  • SEL in all spaces
  • Learning Loss
  • Critical Race Theory                                   

Connect with Byron


Twitter: @SchoolPsychLife

Facebook: @lessonsforsel

Instagram: @lessonsforsel

Additional Resources

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