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Leading Equity

Jun 7, 2021

Annihilating Racial Injustice in Schools Online Course

About Marcus “Sankofa” Nicks

Marcus “Sankofa” Nicks holds a Masters Degree in African American Studies from Morgan State University of Baltimore, MD. He has worked in Maryland’s Howard County Public School System for over 11 years as an Achievement Liaison for the Black Student Achievement Program. He teaches African American Studies Seminar and serves as an educational consultant for staff in his district on how to effectively teach students of color through a culturally relevant trauma-informed approach. His research primarily focuses on African American Educational history and the contemporary issues of Black educators who navigate educational settings. He has also served as a lead facilitator on many occasions for affinity groups and healing spaces for Black educators. 

Show Highlights

  • Practicing healing
  • Healing within the Black community
  • Expectations as an educator
  • Affinity Spaces for Black Educators                                               

Connect with Marcus

Twitter: @NicksMarcus

Facebook: MarcusSankofaNicks


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