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Leading Equity

Mar 22, 2021

About Ayodele Harrison

Ayodele Harrison is an engineer turned education leader, entrepreneur, and certified compassion-based meditation teacher. At the end of his 16th year as a math teacher, Ayodele left the classroom when his desire to continue to grow as a teacher-leader was not nurtured by his school’s administration. Now, as Senior Partner of Education and Director of BMEsTalk with CommunityBuild Ventures, Ayodele leads the work in partnering with public, private and international schools to remedy and reverse the educational inequities students, parents, caregivers, teachers and staff and community members experience everyday.

Ayodele is a fearless and compassionate champion for racial equity, Black Male Educators, and equity-centered school improvement. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching and leading in public, private, and international schools. For four of those years, Ayodele taught at the American International School of Johannesburg in South Africa. He has served as a classroom teacher, content specialist, department chair, mentor, football and basketball coach, in-school and out-of-school program directors, consultant, and thought partner.

Show Highlights

  • The state of equity within the next six months
  • Working with students
  • The role of Black male educators
  • Burnout with BMEs
  • Strategies to create more balance
  • The power of mentorship

Connect with Ayodele

LinkedIn: AyodeleHarrison

Twitter: @Ayodele_Har78

PodCast: AyodeleSpeaks



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