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Leading Equity

Mar 16, 2021

About Shelby Kretz

Shelby Kretz is the creator of Little Justice Leaders, a subscription box that provides resources for kids to learn about social justice. Each month, educators and caregivers receive a box that provides all the resources needed to engage with kids about a different topic of social justice in an age-appropriate way. Shelby is also the co-founder of 1girl, a non-profit organization that brings leadership programming to middle school girls. She is a UCLA educational researcher and Ph.D. candidate working under Dr. Pedro Noguera, and her research focuses on the connection between the education system and the juvenile (in)justice system.

Show Highlights

  • Little Justice Leaders
  • Social Justice Education
  • Embedding SJ in our classrooms
  • Educational systems need to change
  • No more excuses
  • Transform with purpose

Connect with Shelby

Instagram: @littlejusticeleaders

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