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Leading Equity

Mar 8, 2021

About Lorea Martinez, Ph.D.

Dr. Lorea Martínez Pérez is the award-winning founder of HEART in Mind Consulting, a company dedicated to helping schools and organizations integrate Social Emotional Learning in their practices, products, and learning communities. An educator who has worked with children and adults internationally, Dr. Martínez is a faculty member at Columbia University Teachers College, educating aspiring principals in Emotional Intelligence. Her second book for educators, Teaching with the HEART in Mind, is currently available. Previously, she was a special education teacher and administrator.

Show Highlights

  • Teaching with the HEART in Mind
  • Five Key SEL Competencies
  • Honor your emotions
  • Elect your responses
  • Apply empathy
  • Reignite your relationships
  • Transform with purpose

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Teaching with the HEART in Mind: A Complete Educator’s Guide to Social Emotional Learning

Twitter: @loreamart

Facebook: loreamartinezSEL

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