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Leading Equity

Nov 23, 2020

About Stephanie Abraham, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephanie Abraham is an Associate Professor of Language and Literacy Education at Rowan University in New Jersey. Her research and pedagogical interests focus on the documentation of the rich language and literacy practices of racialized, emergent bilinguals, as well as helping their teachers develop high quality, critical pedagogies. She is the principal investigator of the Spencer Foundation-funded project, Translanguaging as Resistance and Restoration in a Community-Based Writing Center. Her scholarship has been published in Radical Teacher, the Journal of Education Policy, and Teaching and Teacher Education. Most recently, she has published a critical discourse analysis of the word gap discourse in Equity and Excellence in Education, showing how racial erasure works to make the word gap discourse appear as a humanizing solution to poverty in the United States.

Show Highlights

  • The Word Gap
  • Does a parent’s level of education impact the Word Gap?
  • What is the Word Gap really about?
  • The Wordometer
  • What should we be focusing on?
  • A message to future researchers of the Word Gap

Connect with Stephanie

What Counting Words Has Really Taught Us: The Word Gap, A Dangerous, but Useful Discourse

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