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Leading Equity

Nov 9, 2020

About Taquan Stewart, Ph.D.

Dr. Stewart obtained his undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Delaware. From there he worked with the United States Army, in the area of Interior Ballistics. After a short time in Interior Ballistics (and two groundbreaking ballistics reports later) he turned his attention to teaching. He began teaching secondary school science in the Christina School District (Delaware). He then brought his passion to Los Angeles, where he taught physics and other academic subjects. While teaching Taquan earned his Master’s in Education and Administrative Policy Studies, and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership. From 2007 through 2012 Dr. Stewart served as a secondary principal in South Los Angeles. He currently serves as Faculty Advisor for the CalStateTEACH and Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency (LAUTR) programs, housed  at California State University, Fresno and California State University, Los Angeles, respectively. He also coaches budding administrators. In addition to this he serves as Program Director for Project Youth California– a non-profit organization designed to provide additional educational services to underserved youth of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area – previously sat on several boards, and consistently mentors youth.

An educator for nearly 30 years, Dr. Stewart’s interests lay in the opportunity gap in science, urban education, culturally sustaining pedagogy, and the preschool to prison pipeline. In 2017 Dr. Stewart released Thoughts of a Ghetto Scatterbrain: The EP – a text using the intersection of science fiction and critical race to jump start the minds of educators (teachers, administrators, parents, family and community members) to dream of possibilities not always considered. In the same year he released a book of poetry, Penumbra: Me, My Shadow, and the Artificial Light Source.

As a teacher educator, Dr. Stewart stresses a humanizing pedagogy.

Show Highlights

  • Preparing future advocates in teacher prep programs
  • Erasing the “Savior” complex
  • Challenging the concept of GRIT
  • Taking a brave stance with advocacy
  • Recommended literature

Connect with Taquan

Instagram: doc_alamin

Connect with me on Instagram: @sheldoneakins

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