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Leading Equity

Aug 31, 2020

About Mona Elleithee

Mona Elleithee has facilitated learning for students, teachers, and leaders across the country for over twenty years. Her craftsmanship as a master teacher has educators leaving Mona’s professional-development sessions asking for more. Modeling best practices as she delicately leads discussions on difficult topics, Mona is celebrated for the compassionate way she assists educators with reflecting on and connecting their own backgrounds to their current beliefs and practices without shame, blame, criticism, or judgment. 

Show Highlights

  • DEI titles and positions
  • School discipline
  • Causes of student behaviors
  • Co-dependents
  • Dysfunctional families
  • The Discipline Triangle
  • Recognizing our childhood trauma
  • Getting teachers and administrators on the same page with discipline

Connect with Mona

Twitter: @renewedharmony

Connect with me on Instagram: @sheldoneakins