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Leading Equity

Aug 10, 2020

About Scott Cavanias

Scott Cavanias is currently a middle school principal and has experience as an educational leader throughout the K-12 levels. He has been instrumental in implementing the World’s Greatest Schools process at two different schools, and has supported their transformations into places where beliefs drive everything for students, staff/faculty, and families. Prior to his work as an educational administrator, Scott was a high school teacher, Renaissance Advisor, and ASB Director. He has a passion for student leadership and building school culture, where his work earned him an induction into the California Association of Renaissance Educators (CARE) Hall of Fame. He was also recognized as the Bob Burton Spirit Award Winner by the California Activities Directors Association. Scott is also a part of the Instructional Leadership Corps, which is a joint project with Stanford University and the California Teacher’s Association and works closely with non-profit educational foundations. 

About Jessica Delavigne

Jessica Delavigne is currently a district instructional coach and the 2020 district Educator of the Year.  As a district coach, she supports schools’ work with site and district instructional focus areas and initiatives. Working closely with site administrators and staff, she supports the work that is being done with school culture, vision, and beliefs, and ensures that this work drives focus areas within the instructional realm. Ms. Delavigne has gathered experiences at a number of different school sites that have helped her to understand how critical it is to build a school’s culture, identity, and a foundation of collective values in order to effectively address instructional goals that must support all students. Ms. Delavigne understands and has experienced the power of a unified school culture and shared school vision, and knows just how much movement can be made in instruction and professional development if shared, school-wide beliefs are present.

Show Highlights

  • Academic tracking
  • Getting rid of track to support all students
  • Equipping our teachers to effectively educate during COVID-19
  • Student Panels and what to do with the data

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