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Leading Equity

May 18, 2020

About Renae Azziz, Ed.D.

Dr. Renae Azziz is the Founder and Director of Virtuoso Education Consulting. She and her team of consultants support educators nationally with Equity-focused best practices.

Before starting Virtuoso Education Consulting, Renae practiced as a School Psychologist. Currently, Renae and team provide consultation, training, and facilitation to schools, districts, and State Education Agencies regarding Assessment, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Culturally Responsive Practices, Proactive Discipline, Implicit Bias, and Disproportionality in Special Education.  

Renae is the author of several articles and professional development resources geared to supporting educators with developing awareness, knowledge, and skills to meet the needs of all students.  Renae received her undergraduate and school psychologist training from Indiana University and earned her Doctorate in Education at The Johns Hopkins University.

Show Highlights

  • The Problem of Disproportionality
  • Causes of Disproportionality
  • Making More Equitable Learning Environments
  • How Disproportionality Effects School Discipline
  • Mitigating Disproportionality in Schools


Connect with Renae

Twitter: @Virtuoso_Ed


Connect with me on Instagram: @sheldoneakins