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Leading Equity

Nov 18, 2019

About Mechele Newell, Ed.D.

Mechele Newell is an elementary school teacher in the Bay Area, California.  She has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to serving in the US Air Force (USAF), both as an active duty member and a civilian employee, in the clinical lab setting.  Mechele's experiences as an educator to clinical lab science students in the USAF led her to pursue a MAEd in Adult Ed & Training.  Her work within the local community with youth through coaching sports, supporting youth in foster care, and leading small community youth groups, prompted her to earn a doctorate in Educational Leadership/K-12 Administration through Drexel University.  Mechele is excited to serve in her community at a new charter school where the equitable education of ALL children is the main focus.  

Show Highlights

  • Being new to elementary teaching
  • Mechele’s experience with the Teaching Through a Culturally Diverse Lens Program
  • Striving for equity as a third-grade teacher
  • Celebrating small wins

Connect with Mechele

Twitter: @mechelenewell

Additional Resources

Success within an Unlikely Candidate: A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Academically Successful Youth Who Have Aged out of Foster Care

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