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Leading Equity

Oct 21, 2019

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About Tasha Seneca Keyes, Ph.D.

Tasha Seneca Keyes is an Assistant Professor at the College of Social Work at the University of Utah.  She grew up in Northern Virginia and is a Seneca Indian from the Seneca Nation of Indians of the Cattaraugus Reservation in Western New York.  She received her MSW from the University of Utah.  From 1994-2010 she practiced medical and school social work. In 2017 she received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago- School of Social Service Administration.  Her practice experience informs her research to include school social work, constructing classroom and school environments to promote a sense of belonging and engagement, and culturally relevant restorative justice and trauma-informed practices for underrepresented students, with a particular interest in Native American students.

Show Highlights

  • Increasing classroom belongingness and student engagement
  • What students need to feel as if they belong
  • Sense of belonging school vs. classroom
  • What decreases a student’s sense of belonging
  • Tips for educators

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A Qualitative Inquiry: Factors That Promote Classroom Belonging and Engagement Among High School Students

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