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Leading Equity

Sep 3, 2018

About Nadia Ward

Nadia L. Ward, M.Ed., Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology), the Deputy Director of Clinical Training in Clinical and Community Psychology, Yale School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry; the Director of Urban Education & Prevention Research and Senior Evaluation Consultant with YaleEVAL at the Consultation Center at Yale.

Additionally, Dr. Ward is a leader in comprehensive urban school reform efforts where she engages schools and communities in the development, implementation and evaluation of systemic interventions designed to improve school climate, academic performance and educational trajectories of low-income and minority youth.

Dr. Ward’s areas of expertise include school-based mental health, substance abuse prevention among youth, social-emotional learning, academic achievement, educational disparities, urban school reform, education policy and school-based prevention programs.

Show Highlights

  • Helping students who struggle with academic rigor
  • The genesis of the Maximizing Adolescent Academic Excellence Program
  • How school counselor’s, classroom teachers, and college students can deliver a college and career readiness program to middle and high school students
  • Helping students connect with MAAX facilitators in an authentic way
  • Students were more successful after participating in the MAAX program than non-MAAX participants
  • The connection between college tours and grade point average
  • Helping students with having a smoother transition into college

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Learn More About the MAAX Program

Increasing Educational Attainment among Urban Minority Youth: A Model of University, School, and Community Partnerships

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