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Leading Equity

Mar 23, 2020

Teaching Online: A Step-By-Step Course to Launch an Equitable Online Course

About Tonya Ward Singer

Tonya Ward Singer is a literacy and language consultant who helps K-12 educators transform teaching for equity and EL achievement. Teachers and administrators describe her work as groundbreaking, dynamic, practical, relevant, and impactful.

Tonya is the author of bestsellers EL Excellence Every Day and Opening Doors to Equity. She co-authored Breaking Down the Wall and EL and literacy curricula for major publishers including Scholastic, Pearson/Longman, and Oxford University Press. Tonya has taught across multiple grade levels as a core teacher, reading specialist, and EL specialist, and excels as an international consultant helping educators collaborate courageously for equity in literacy and high-level core learning.

Show Highlights

  • What is EL Education?
  • Connecting EL Education and Equity
  • Strategies that educators can implement immediately
  • Differentiation in EL

Connect with Tonya

Twitter: @TonyaWardSinger


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