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Leading Equity

Jun 20, 2019

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About Brenda Barrio, Ph.D.

Dr. Brenda Barrio is an assistant professor of special education. Dr. Barrio observed and experienced the inequities within the educational system in the United States as an immigrant of Mexico and later as a bilingual special education teacher in Texas. With a charge of social justice in education, her career focus as an educator for the past 16 years has been to enhance the lives of students with disabilities and students of color through equity and access. Dr. Barrio’s research focuses on addressing disproportionality of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in special education through the use of culturally responsive practices.

Show Highlights

  • Why culturally responsive and relevant IEP’s are so important
  • The Culturally Responsive and Relevant IEP Builder (CRRIB)
  • Involving families in the IEP process
  • How teachers can use culturally responsive and relevant approaches to help students meeting goals
  • Getting started with CRRIB
  • Addressing our biases
  • Eduardo

Connect with Brenda


Twitter: @DrBBarrio

Additional Resources

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