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Leading Equity

May 16, 2019

Learn more about my Teaching Through a Culturally Diverse Lens Course

About Rae Hughart

Rae Hughart is a Middle Level Math Educator in Illinois and the Director of Training & Development for Progressive Mastery Learning, LLC.

Rae created and continues to train educators on how to partner with local businesses to design dynamic, impactful, effective, and connected content by designing themed units dedicated to community engagement. Utilizing data supported best practice techniques and stakeholder ownership, Rae’s Teach Further Model for innovative lesson design transforms classroom learning into student focused, real world internship - showing the impact of teaching beyond the four walls of a classroom and altering a community into an authentic resource for developing leaders.

In 2017, Rae was inducted into The Illinois State University Hall of Fame for her innovative educational impact through the Teach Further Model. Additionally, Rae serves on several Educational Boards including the Association of Illinois Middle Schools (AIMS).

Show Highlights

  • Teach Better
  • Training offered to educators regarding equity
  • Real-world Internships
  • Essential skills
  • Why equity is so important

Connect with Rae

Twitter: @RaeHughart

 IG: @RaeHughart

Additional Resources

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins