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Leading Equity

May 13, 2019

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About Martha Ryan-Toye, Ed.D.

Martha Ryan-Toye is an educational leader in the Chicago-land area. She is currently superintendent in Riverside District 96. Previously Martha held leadership positions in special education as well as district level leadership. Prior to her work leading public school districts, Martha was a Principal at a school for children with autism. Martha is the mother of three young adult sons. Her family is her inspiration for promoting successful educational experiences and outcomes for all children. She lives in Oak Park Illinois with her husband Kevin, two golden retrievers and her youngest son who is now a senior in high school.

Show Highlights

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • How UDL addresses equity and inclusivity
  • UDL and Differentiation
  • What UDL looks like in the classroom
  • A research study on district level leadership and the promotion of UDL
  • Getting started with UDL

Connect with Martha

Twitter: @MarthaRyanToye


Additional Resources

Universal Design for Learning: An Examination of Leadership Promoting Student Learning for All

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