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Leading Equity

Apr 25, 2019

Get my 5 Tips To Address Implicit Bias Within Ourselves and Others

About Christopher Rogers

Christopher Rogers was born and raised in Chester, PA and is now a Ph.D Candidate within the Reading/Writing/Literacy program at PennGSE. He is a core member of Teacher Action Group Philadelphia, whose work consists of organizing teachers and other community educators to work toward education justice within the city of Philadelphia and beyond. He also maintains a special relationship with the West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance where he serves as Public Programs Director for the Paul Robeson House Museum, located at 4951 Walnut St.

Show Highlights

  • Black Lives Matter at School
  • Organizing the movement in Philadelphia
  • The Principles of Black Lives Matter at School
  • How to get involved
  • The future of Black Lives Matter at School

Connect with Chris

Twitter: @justmaybechris

Additional Resources

Twitter: @BLMAtSchool

Connect with me on Twitter @sheldoneakins