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Leading Equity

Oct 10, 2022

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About Andratesha Fritzgerald

Andratesha Fritzgerald is the founder and lead consultant of Building Blocks of Brilliance Educational Consulting Firm.  As an international speaker Fritzgerald exhibits an audacious perseverance that calls organizations to evolve into inclusive antiracist safe zones for all learners. With over twenty years in education, she has served as a teacher, curriculum specialist, administrator, and director.  Her award winning book Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning: Building Expressways to Success (CAST, 2020) has been a catalyst for UDL to ensure safety and radical inclusion in every learning community.

Show Highlights

  • Antiracism in UDL
  • What happens when we hold onto control?
  • Dealing with pushback
  • Power and honor vs saviorism
  • Samaria Rice

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