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Leading Equity

Mar 28, 2022

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About Abeer Ramadan- Shinnawi, MEd

Abeer Shinnawi, is a Palestinian American educator of 18+ years. She has held a variety of leadership positions both in the U.S. in various school and district settings. Abeer Shinnawi is the Associate Director of the Program for the non-profit Re-Imagining Migration, where she supports a network of partner organizations and schools, leads professional development, and creates resources for K-12 educators as well as cultural institutions.  Abeer is a veteran middle school social studies teacher who has used her own upbringing as a child of immigrants to help connect students, schools, and communities. Throughout her career, she has worked with schools, cultural institutions, and publishers to provide curriculum, content, and activities that reflect BIPOC students and teachers. Before joining the team at Re-Imagining Migration, she worked as a resource teacher in the Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Social Studies, leading curriculum development and supporting teachers. In addition, she served as an equity liaison and the co-facilitator of an affinity group for teachers of color. She also created and facilitated a student support group that provided safe spaces for immigrant students. Shinnawi is co-founder of the Facebook group: Arab American Educators Network, created as a safe space for Arab American educators to collaborate, share their experiences, and grow as a collective.

Show Highlights

  • Children of immigrants are 27% of school-aged youth yet they are mostly invisible and misunderstood
  • Where can we start when welcoming new Americans?
  • Asking the right questions
  • “We’ll start where you’re at, but we aren’t going to keep you there”
  • How to avoid tokenizing students
  • Ensuring new Americans have equal opportunities
  • Pronouncing student’s names correctly

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