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Leading Equity

Dec 13, 2021

About Plashan McCune, Ed.D.

Dr. Plashan McCune, brings over 30 years of experience in operationalizing mental health practices into educational settings. Her accomplishments are combining mental health and education for better life outcomes for professionals and students.

Her experiences include: Serving as an administrator for elementary thru high school in Chicago, Denver and Oakland. Adjunct Professor at Univ. of San Francisco, Leading Criminal Justice Reform and Mediation as a trainer with Northwestern Law School. Founder of a global leadership program for African American Young Ladies (AAYLS.)  She is also the author of Trauma and Postsecondary Success A Framework for Systemic Change and presents and trains on this topic globally. Her career has been informed by her passion for social justice and systems reform to ensure opportunity and success for underserved populations. Dr. McCune specializes in infusing Trauma-Informed/Sensitive Practices focused on Culturally Responsiveness within organizations and educational institutions.

Show Highlights

  • African American Young Ladies Summit
  • Trauma and postsecondary success
  • Supporting students with trauma
  • Creating rules, consequences, and expectations
  • MTSS
  • Investigating your current practices

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Website: Higher Learning U

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