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Leading Equity

Oct 25, 2021

About Nyree Clark

Nyree Clark is a Curriculum Program Specialist in Technology PreK-6 for the Colton Joint Unified School District. Her journey in education began in 1998 and has been referred to as her “Dream Job” thereafter. She has been a Reading Recovery Teacher, Gifted and Talented Education Certified Teacher, Reading Specialist Teacher on Assignment, and has earned multiple certificates and ambassadorships in the field of Educational Technology. She has taught Kindergarten to fourth grade and currently works at the District Level to support teachers, students, and staff in the integration and implementation of technology and depth and complexity to increase student achievement and productivity. 

Professionally, Nyree, was awarded the Affiliate Leader of the Year 2021 through Inland Area CUE affiliate and is a TOSAChat moderator which supports Teachers on Special Assignment worldwide. She is a Co-Founding member of Equity In Action CA which is a group of educators researching and implementing ways to diversify Technology Conferences and Professional Learning settings. She has been appointed to the Instructional Coaches Advisory Board for Future Ready Schools Organization which seeks to lead through innovative professional practices. She excels in making connections with people across the globe and is very passionate about amplifying the voices of the unheard through culturally responsive teaching pedagogy.

Show Highlights

  • Disproportionality in school discipline
  • Colorism in Black girls
  • Culturally Responsive Practices
  • Content Autobiographies
  • Engaging with parents
  • Additional resources

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Twitter: @MsNyreeClark

Instagram: nyree_edu

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Equity In Action CA

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