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Leading Equity

May 17, 2021

About Randall Sampson, Ph.D.

Dr. Sampson is the founder of Liberty Leadership Development (LLD). The organizational mission is to ensure equity and access for ALL students through innovative learning models. Dr. Sampson has experience at the K-12 secondary education level as an administrator, teacher and a national transformation thought leader.               

Dr. Sampson’s skills were honed through the Harvard University Achievement Gap Initiative and teacher quality research with, Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson. As a result, Dr. Sampson's analysis of students’ performance data provided a national value-add approach to building sustainable learning environments.       

The guiding principles of LLD strategy is found in his own published book Welcome To The Grind!: How Educators Achieve Exponential Results.” Recently, this book was ranked number 21 of the Top 100 education books in the world.               

Dr. Sampson’s focus areas include:

  • Closing achievement gaps through the implementation and coaching of rigorous Learning Standards
  • Systemically increasing college and career-readiness
  • Boosting graduation rates
  • Implementing Innovation Learning Pathways
  • Building Public-Private Partnerships 

Show Highlights

  • Three approaches to equity in schools
  • Connect
  • Honor
  • Amplify
  • Motivate
  • Purpose

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