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Leading Equity

Apr 12, 2021

About Afrika Afeni Mills

Afrika Afeni Mills is the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with BetterLesson and an Education Consultant. She works with colleagues, teachers, coaches, and administrators to transform practices. Afrika has been featured on podcasts, blogs, delivered keynote addresses and facilitated sessions at conferences across the United States. She will also be publishing a book with Corwin Press in 2022. Afrika believes that all educators can be motivated, engaged, dynamic practitioners and leaders when provided with the support needed to create student-centered, culturally responsive learning environments that inspire wonder and creativity and nurture diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Show Highlights

  • Racial Identity Development
  • Being proud of our racial identity
  • Tracing our ancestry
  • Navigating conversations about race
  • Additional thoughts on equity and accessibility

Connect with Afrika

Twitter: @AfeniMills

Facebook: Afrika Afeni Mills Equity Guardian

LinkedIn: Afrika Afeni Mills

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