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Leading Equity

Feb 22, 2021

About Khadeejah Smith

Khadeejah Smith holds a bachelor of science in Finance from Northeastern University. A Masters of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from the University of the District of Columbia and a Masters of Science in Education Leadership from Columbia University, Teachers College. Khadeejah Smith has been an educator for over ten years in the metropolitan District of Columbia area. She began her teaching career in Boston Public Schools as a high school math teacher. Khadeejah's experience expands from high school math, home-school early childhood, middle school math teacher, instructional coach, and principal. She brings a diverse view to education from public, charter and private school sector.

Khadeejah is also known as 'EdGapCloser' because she is committed to closing the 'achievement gap' that exist between African-American, Latinos, White, and Asian students due to the lack of equitable resources and opportunities presented to the two groups. Through her commitment to STEM education Khadeejah has spent the last 11 years focused on project-based learning. She understood early in her career the importance of students making real-world connections to make math relevant. She created the real-world project to provide students with a financial assimilation experience to expose students to investment terms and philosophies. This eight week intense project allows students research a salaries, taxes, and daily expenses in order to create budget to survive in their "real-world". As a stay-at-home mom she was able to see first-hand how children take in the world and make meaning. This ability has allowed her to develop creative instructional techniques with teachers that address the whole-child. Being a mom, teacher and instructional leader she has learned how to recognize, develop and act to equip students with tools that will enable them as global citizens ready to solve 21st Century challenges in their community and the world.

Khadeejah began G.R.I.T. Parent vlog this past summer to encourage parent engagement that would extend beyond the school walls. Each video is designed to assist parents in preparing generation ‘Z’ children in navigating life with grit, real-world experiences, independence and critically thinking skills.

Khadeejah Smith is a five time recipient of  the Sontag Prize in Urban Education where outstanding teachers in Math and English Language Arts are recognized for their instructional efforts. For one week she returns to Massachusetts in the city of Lawrence to teach their "Math Acceleration Academy" to support struggling learners.

Currently, Khadeejah uses EdGapClosers L.L.C. as a vehicle for public speaking, educator training and community outreach as pathways to create equity in education for African-American and Latino children.

Show Highlights

  • What school and home life looks like today
  • Transferable skills
  • Have we been coddling our students too much?
  • The Healthy Struggle
  • Teaching independence

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